Wholesale Coffee 20 x 1kg


Buy Coffee for Your Cause at wholesale pricing.

  • Wholesale: $30/kg
  • RRP: $40/kg
  • MOQ: 20KG
  • 100% Premium Roasted Beans
  • This is the ‘go to’ coffee for cafes
  • Consistent blend
  • Bold flavours
  • Easy drinking coffee


When you bulk purchase 20kg of our premium quality cafe blend beans,

we will make a donation of a huge $200 to the cause of your choice.

Shipping is just a token rate of $10.

Feel free to check the box and pick up from our warehouse if you would prefer.

Send us the name and bank account number of your cause and let us donate away!

Additional information

Weight 20.5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 25 cm